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Get Back On Track With Ideal Protein In Edmonton, AB

Back pain is one of the most common problems that afflict our patients. In fact, back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. While back pain can be caused by an injury, accident or a disorder, weight can also play a major role. The American Obesity Association found that back pain occurred in about one-third of Americans who were obese.

Besides back pain, those who are overweight are also prone to joint pain, strained muscles, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. For patients who are experiencing serious aches and pains due to their weight and want to find a weight loss program to help relieve their symptoms, Ideal Protein could help.

Ideal Protein is a supervised wellness program that is only available through a qualified healthcare provider. The plan promotes fat loss while also maintaining muscle mass. It offers one-on one coaching and education, as well as healthy, balanced meals. This weight-loss method was designed by medical professionals to assist in weight loss while also providing the proper dietary education for patients to maintain their weight after dieting.

With Ideal Protein , every patient will get to create his or her own weight loss goals. Education and coaching allows patients the opportunity to ask questions regarding nutrition and their body. While keeping the patient’s goals in mind, Ideal Protein provides easy-to-prepare meals that use superior-quality protein to help promote healthy weight loss. Just as the name suggests, Ideal Protein relies solely on the highest quality of protein in every meal. Each meal can be prepared in less than 10 minutes, can be served hot or cold, is low-carb and low fat, is good for Type 2 diabetics, and contains 21 amino acids. The proper amount of protein helps patients effectively lose weight without losing muscle mass. From drinks and puddings to entrees and breakfasts, Ideal Protein provides all meals and snacks to help make weight loss easier.

If being overweight is causing you chronic back pain and you’re looking to lose weight properly and safely, Ideal Protein could help you create a healthier lifestyle.

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