Should I See A Chiropractor?

A chiropractor can help you do more than just overcome your back problems. Specializing in the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors chiropractorfocus on the entire body and its overall wellness. However, determining you should see a chiropractor can be tricky. Learn more about chiropractic treatment, as well as when you should schedule a visit with your doctor, Dr. Christopher Oviatt and Dr. Michelle Martinook at Castledowns Chiropractic Clinic in Edmonton.

Should I see a chiropractor? 
A chiropractor focuses on treating issues within the body’s musculoskeletal system and its surrounding tissues. Famous for “cracking” the back, chiropractors manually adjust the bones and tissues in the spine. The “crack” is simply gas being released from between the joints. Chiropractors’ goal is to decrease pain and increase functionality. Chiropractic does not use medications or surgery and relies on a drug-free approach to pain management.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment
Chiropractic has proven to successfully treat many types of pain, including lower back pain, leg pain, sciatica, neck pain, whiplash and even headaches and migraines. Chiropractic aligns the joints and helps stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. Additionally, your chiropractor offers other procedures than manual adjustments, including:

  • nutritional and lifestyle counseling
  • stretches and rehabilitative exercises
  • instrument-assisted adjustments (e.g. Activator)
  • spinal decompression

Chiropractic Treatment in Edmonton
Your chiropractic appointment will begin with a physical examination to help your doctor determine the condition causing your discomfort or pain. If necessary, diagnostic imaging, such as x-rays, help your doctor look further into your body for clues. Expect for your doctor to ask many questions about your family and medical history, along with questions concerning your lifestyle and activity level. From there, your chiropractor determines the best treatment for you and your condition.

If you think chiropractic care could be the right treatment for you, Dr. Oviatt and Dr. Martinook can help. For more information, please contact Castledowns Chiropractic Clinic in Edmonton. Call (780) 457-3621 to schedule your appointment with your chiropractor today!


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