"Dr Oviatt is amazing! I see him every month and there was a time that I had moved and tried chiropractors closer to my new home but quickly decided he was the best! He does in one visit what others fail to do in 3! He is gentle and thoughtful and always checks his work. I find it has been a bonus to have a massage before my treatment when I am feeling particularly tense and they happen to have therapists onsite for that as well."  (5 Stars)  - May 24, 2014

"Dr.Oviatt is one of the best!!!!!!!!!! i've been with him for 10 yrs and he's always made me feel better... And ANGIE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!"  (5 Stars)  - Apr. 15, 2014

"I had tweaked my neck and couldn't turn my head. I called his office and got an appointment for the very same day. He was professional, and gentle and by the next morning I was feeling almost 100%".  (5 Stars)  - Dec. 19, 2012

"Dr. Chris runs a very professional office, he is polite, kind and gentle. Most importantly, he gets results. My back feels so much better. I don't often get to Edmonton, but when I do my first priority is to get adjusted. Thanks Dr. Chris!"  (5 Stars)  - Jan. 11, 2012

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